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General Details
Date Posted 6/22/2020
Status Active
Application Dates 6/22/2020 To 8/22/2020
Job Title Courtesy Guards
Location Point Venture
(Full Time, Part Time, 30-40)
Saturday & Sunday morning shift 7am-3pm Saturday & Sunday evening shift 3pm-11pm
Salary $15 hour
Job Summary Open positions for (2) part time Courtesy Guards Saturday & Sunday morning shift 7am-3pm Saturday & Sunday evening shift 3pm-11pm Position pays $15 hour Job Purpose: Provide protection of POA assets and amenities. This would include all common ground. Courtesy guards have the authority to observe and report, only. POA Courtesy guards are not permitted to trespass on private property, nor can they make a report to the Sheriff for a property owner. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1. Monitor POA property in person or through camera system. Patrol POA property and observe/report. a. Keep unwanted and uninvited guests from POA property. i. Card must be used by Member to gain access to ALL amenities. b. Enforce a strict adherence of PVPOA rules. c. Walk marina daily and record/report any issue with private boats, docks, walkways, or lights to the General Manager. d. Report any lights out on POA property to the General Manager. Address safety issues immediately by securing the area initially, then report to proper entity. e. Monitor park gate during summer season. f. Spend a minimum of 3 hours each shift at the front entrance guard house, during off season. 2. Lock up amenities each day as required (includes pool restrooms). Secure gym at 10:00p.m., place equipment back in the proper location. 3. Gather and store flags off golf course each night. Store/secure golf carts in barn after hours. 4. Provide access to the PVPOA office as requested, assisting in distribution of required member documents. 5. Provide access to the Club Room and Venture Room as requested. 6. Answer the security phone and aid as needed. a. Provide trailer storage combination as requested by POA members. b. Assist Travis County Sheriff Officer’s as needed, under their direction. 7. Maintain a professional stance when dealing with difficult or disgruntled PVPOA members and/or their guest. Record behavior that is non-compliant or violent on smart phone, until law enforcement arrives. a. Call 911 immediately if a situation cannot be resolved, non-compliance, trespassing, violent behavior or at your professional discretion.
Contact Details
Company Name Point Venture POA
Contact Name Point Venture POA
Address 555 Venture Blvd. S.
City, State Zip Point Venture,  TX  78645
Phone 512-267-1128 ext. 2
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