Free- Yoga-Stretching Forced- Anytime Fitness

Date Sun, Dec 04
10:30 AM
LocationAnytime Fitness Lago Vista
Address20900 FM 1431
Lago Vista, TX  78645
Contact Liv Aguillard
Phone (512) 980-0510
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??Yoga- our yoga is geared directly towards stretching, very beginner friendly


??During the holidays, its tempting for everyone to throw your workouts to the side until the new year but here is 4 reasons on why NOT to & use it as a valuable tool to help you during the holiday season??
??exercising will help burn all the extra calories from holiday meals & treats we indulge in &maintaining muscle mass will sustain your metabolic rate & keep fat off
??exercising helps with all the holiday stress we all go through with shopping, food preparations, traveling, visitors & SO much more!!! When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that helps improve mood & reduce feelings of anxiety
??With the season time change, alot of people experience different degrees of seasonal depression, exercising will help reduce symptoms . Exercising also impacts your serotonin levels in your brain, which boosts your mood & overall well-being
?? Having a set time to focus on your health helps provide structure in your routine & is a form of self care! A small percentage of your day that makes all aspects of your life improve