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Date Posted 6/14/2017
Status Active
Application Dates: 6/14/2017 To 12/30/2018
Job Title: Housekeeper
Location 1925 American Dr. #14A
(Temp, Permanent, Contract, Commission)
(Full Time, Part Time, 30-40)
TBD flexible
Salary TBD
Job Summary Aloha Suites of Lake Travis, LLC Professional, honest, punctual, reliable, competent, accountable, responsible, efficient, and dependable are the qualities we are looking for. If you feel you have these qualities, please answer this ad. Vacation rentals on Lake Travis in Lago Vista, Texas, needs a highly-qualified cleaning person. Must clean full bathrooms, with toilet, tile bathtub and sink, making them sparkle and be free from bacteria! Kitchens have a full-size fridge that needs to be free from stains or spilled foods and liquids. Clean dishes in the dishwasher must be placed in their proper location. Countertops need to be spot and stain free. Microwaves need to spotless and no food particles in the cooking area. Amenities baskets must be refilled with coffee, creamer, napkins, snacks and popcorn, along with bathroom clamshell baskets with soaps, make-up remover and shampoo. Carpets and hard surfaced floors need vacuuming and tile get steam mopped after vacuuming. Countertops, glass patio doors and mirrors (baths and hallways) need to be spill and spot free. Sheets and towels are staged in the rooms prior to cleaning. One of your responsibilities is to arrange the towels on the towel racks and make the beds. Rooms have full size and some have king size beds. Years of experience cleaning the rooms dictates that we pay "by the room" at a rate of $20.00 per B-Side, and $35.00 per A-Side room. Depending on how quickly and thoroughly you clean you can make more than $10.00 per hour. On occasion, you may be asked to "deep clean" some items that need it (stove, ovens or refrigerators). Extra pay for necessary excessive cleaning. We supply all cleaning equipment and solutions. It is your responsibility to handle equipment carefully and maintain vacuum and steam mop per instructions. We have specific cleaning instructions and checklists that need to be followed. Our rooms usually rent during the weekend and come available for cleaning on Monday or Tuesday of the week, depending on how fast we get the laundry turned around. Your help is needed on a part-time basis, although we may get very busy and require your services on a weekly basis during busy seasons. Please be reliable, answer your calls or messages quickly, call within 24 hours if you can't make the schedule. Do a good job and you will be maintained on our schedule. We pay in cash and require you to fill in a W-4 for reporting your income to the IRS. Rooms will be inspected after cleaning prior to paying out. Peter S. Massie, Property Manager Cell & Reservations: (512) 740-1698 Office: (512) 535-2282 FAX: (512) 535 1573 Aloha Suites of Lake Travis, LLC. 1925 American Dr. #14A Lago Vista, Texas 78645-7810
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Company Name Aloha Suites of Lake Travis, LLC
Contact Name Pete Massie
Address 1925 American Dr.
City, State Zip Lago Vista,  TX  78645
Phone 512-740-1698
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